Sangria Rustica


Soon the jewels of summer will be gone. The sweet peaches and berries, the plump cherries and figs. The avocados and heirloom tomatoes? Gone, too, to make way for pumpkin displays. So, how should you kiss this summer goodbye? With rum, wine and the freshest fruit you can find! … [Read more...]

Aguachile to Celebrate Summer


  No hay fecha que no se cumpla, plazo que no se venza, ni deuda que no se pague. This is an old Spanish saying which roughly translates as: time marches on, and the day we thought far on the horizon appears suddenly and irrevocably. I've thought about this saying at different points in my life when eagerly awaited moments finally arrived. Yesterday was one of those moments and, if truth be told, it repeats itself punctually every year.  School ends and another fresh crop of students graduates and heads off into the world. My colleagues and I celebrate with mixed feelings as we watch our former students embark on new journeys.  They are wayward leaves thrown into the turbulent and haphazard river of life, hopefully well-prepared to bear the triumphs as well as the disappointments that will surely come their way. We teachers have done our job, given them the tools, taught them to, … [Read more...]

Is Summer Salad the New Cool?


We're having a heat wave in Washington, D.C.  Summers here are hot to begin with, but this year's swelter is a fast-acting appetite suppressant.  At mealtimes, I consider small portions of cold soups, garden salads, succulent melons and berries ready to burst.  My choices include papaya the color of a sunrise, pineapple peppered with paprika and sweet watermelon sprinkled with a little salt.  Fresh coconut and mango popsicles--will they cool me down? Ultimately, I crave a perfect summer composition.  Give me leafy lettuce drizzled with a simple citrus vinaigrette.  A salad of roasted corn, soft squares of creamy avocado, salty crumbles of queso fresco and vine-ripened tomatoes as red as rubies.  Throw in cubes of crisp cucumber and chunks of golden mango. Then I will be cool. Then, I will eat. … [Read more...]