Name My Crock Pot!

Like busy parents everywhere, I aim to use my time efficiently.  Sometimes this means simultaneously cooking, writing and photographing food for a blog post while watching two kids in between walking the dog.  I try different strategies for coping with the chaos, and new among them is using the slow cooker that sits stoically on my counter like a member of the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace.

I’m not one to give inanimate objects names, but I’m leaning toward naming my new Crock Pot, even assigning it a gender. (No offense, guys, but we all know what gender it should be.)  I’ll need a moniker that conveys her reliability and quiet collaboration.  “Give me the ingredients and I’ll cook for you,” she might say in a knowing and reassuring voice.  She’d likely usher me out the door and I’d hear her calling after me, “Your guisado/frijoles/sopa will be ready when you get back.  Take your time and enjoy your spa day!”

Yes, my Crock Pot needs a name, one that communicates the kind of strength that comes from being slow and steady and holds the promise of producing savory stews and succulent meats.  A name that projects her usefulness when it comes to making healthy, comforting meals.  One that speaks to her talents as an inexpensive and unassuming appliance, rivaling those of my Le Creuset Dutch Oven.

But I can’t do this alone!  Comment below and submit a name along with your reasons for choosing it.  Tell us about your favorite Crock Pot recipe, too.  The winner will receive a basket of surprise gourmet ingredients from our friends at  The contest closes on March 1, 2012.  Winners are selected at random by the Random Generator app!

Congratulations to Jon Kranz, winner of this contest!


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  1. Gilda Maria says:

    I love my Crock! Especially when it’s cold outside. I make beef stew in it and when I have a chance I also make corn bread and put it on the bottom of the bowl before I serve my stew -delicious! I think you could name it “La Tizona”. Tizona was El Cid Campeador’s famous sword. It was a valued ‘sidekick’ that struck fear in the heart of any oponent (your raw ingredients); some of its ‘power’ is supposed to have come from a worthy handler (you!).

  2. The Saint says:


  3. You know what’s funny? I never used a Crock Pot until a few weeks ago. I’m amazed at how useful it is. I almost feel like it’s cooking by cheating…

    Thanks for your comment, Gildita!

  4. Mommy’s Little Helper?

    I have no brilliant crock pot recipe, but I do have a crock pot story. Back when I was pregnant with #1, a friend told me about her favorite crock pot recipe – maple pork or something? Something meaty. So I threw in my ingredients and headed out for the day. So, little miss 7-months-of-morning-sickness me comes home at the end of the day to this meaty aroma permeating every corner of my house, and I just couldn’t take it. I had to sit my big pregnant and sick self outside on the front steps while my husband opened all the windows, turned on all the fans, and totally cleared the air of what was probably a really delicious smell.

  5. Isn’t it obvious…? Betty CROCK-er, of course. Reliable, efficient, comforting, knowledgeable…Betty was all those things and more. Plus it’s right there, in the name.

    Sigh…do I have to do EVERYthing around here…? : )

  6. How about Julia? As in the late, great, “Save the giblets!” Julia Child?

    I’m a late bloomer to crock pots. We never used one when I was growing up. I’ve learned to respect the value of crocks as an adult though. It’s nearly impossible to ruin something in a crock.

  7. My mother had never used a slow cooker, despite its existence since the 1970s. Each meal was made from scratch—with her presiding over the delicious aromas drifting from the kitchen. She was definitely a hands-on type, scurrying about the kitchen, dashing from one pot to the next.

    I doubt that she would use the slow cooker if she was still alive today. However for me, it’s a different story (and generation!). The slow cooker is a life-saver for me considering I’m a full-time working mom with three hungry kids and a even hungrier hubby. When I get home, I only have a short time frame to whip up something before I step back out again for an evening engagement or activities with the children. Sometimes, it’s too late to cook dinner. When I have every other Monday off from work, my kids love it. Why? Because I would channel my late mother running around the kitchen—stirring this and sautéing that. Whenever I use the slowcooker that morning before I join the daily rat race, my kids would come home to wonderful smells and look for me everywhere in the house. ¿Dónde está mama? After a fruitless hunt, they would call me at work and ask me how if I wasn’t there, who had been cooking? I would reply, “Oh that’s the slow cooker, your other mama! Maybe we should call it ‘la segunda madre!’”

    Do I have a specific favorite recipe? Not really. The night before I use the slow cooker, I would look through the cookbook to see if I have all of the ingredients needed to prepare in the slow cooker before I leave for work. But my favorite recipe is when my family all gather around, savoring the aromas before we bust out our utensils to dig in the delicious food.

    If my mother was still alive, she would have said, “Que maravilloso” (wonderful). She would be amazed that this piece of equipment can churn out delicious meals without any eagle eyes or hands from her. Like I mentioned before, I never saw her use one… her best friends were the pans and pots she used to make wonderful and authentic Mexican dishes.

    So, my crockpot would be called “Maravilloso, la segunda madre.”

    Sorry for a bit lengthy here.

  8. Hi Gladys,

    Thank you for sharing your cute crock pot story and submitting a name!